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Aji Sai is located on Yonge Street, a couple of small blocks north of Bloor. It’s a small cozy place on the East side of Yonge. Please read our conversational review, below.

813 Yonge Street

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bran7 / 10
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Review Date: Jan 6, 2009

Comment ArrowSo, I arrive and you’re scalding your hands on the tea…

Comment ArrowHa, the tea is freaking hot. You can’t even pick it up. Although on a cold day, it’s nice to warm up your hands. Gotta love Asian restaurants where they serve you hot tea when you sit down rather than ice water. The place was pretty busy when I arrived but was seated right away.

Comment ArrowYeah, it’s a nice little spot, with additional seating at the back. A bit of a cozy atmosphere. Perusing the beer menu I see they have ‘Heniken’, which I’ll presume is a typo… unless it’s some crazy knock-off beer. I opted for the large can of Sapporo instead.

Comment ArrowIt is a nice cozy little spot. I think if we look at just about all the sushi menus, we’ll see lots of typos and classic Chinglish. ESL is big these days. Speaking of menus, seems they have a pretty good selection of combos. I noticed that the price of rolls is maybe $1 or $2 cheaper than normal. I figure it’s because you’ll get 6 pieces rather than 8. We’ll see. Obviously we’ll get the customary sushi pizza and what do you think about going for their “specially named/designed” rolls that we see on the menu?

Comment ArrowI’ll let you handle the math – you’re Asian. Yeah, the maki here isn’t named after streets and highways (thankfully!) but instead things like ‘Yummi, Yummi’ (that’s gotta be, umm, yummy, right?). So we order up the Yummi Yummi, the [draws a blank], some spicy tuna rolls, and the ‘Cowboy’ (because it has beef, and, well, I wanted to try that…).

Comment ArrowUm no highway names? You already forgot about the ‘Route 66’ maki! The ‘cowboy’ kind of made me a bit nervous. Not the biggest fan of ordering beef maki but what the hell….The best part was when I listed all our items to the waitress she thought it was all for me!

Comment ArrowOooh!… Right. The one I couldn’t think the name of had to be a ‘highway’ name. Ok, but not a Toronto highway. Yeah! apparently you looked hungry! The sushi pizza came out pretty quick followed by the maki a bit later. The pizza was decent. Different from the others we’ve had but decent none the less. The spicy tuna rolls were super tasty (and, yes, spicy!) and I thought the beef ones were pretty good as well. The ‘Route 66’ rolls were decent as well, although not as good as the others. That leaves the ‘Yummi, Yummi’ which has shrimp, cucumber and something else (I can’t remember!). Turns out, not so yummy. It was, by far, the worst item we had. I wouldn’t order that one again. The rest I would though.

Comment ArrowI agree on just about everything. The sushi pizza was different and had a nice spice to it. I still like the more traditional version. The cowboy won me over as well. Nice taste but not sure if I would order it on my own. Still have something against ordering cooked beef maki. Yummi Yummi was a huge disappointment. It’s basically a glorified California Roll. Maybe next time I should actually read the description but I was sold by the name alone! It looks like the maki is 6 pieces, hence the price. I am still hungry so feel like grabbing another roll?

Comment ArrowAbsolutely!

Comment ArrowCool. Let’s go with a trusted brand: the rainbow roll. Can never go wrong with that one.

Comment ArrowTrue, the Rainbow Roll made up for the ‘Yummi’ disaster. The only other disaster of the night was a few tables over where a guy was introduced to a girl named Melody, which he followed up with ‘Sooo, do you sing?’.

Comment ArrowLOL, yeah that was pretty weak. Only certain guys can pull that kind of move off… and he’s not one of them. I could have sworn they were sitting there for a while when they suddenly realized that they forgot each others name.

Comment ArrowYeah, that was definitely mid way through their meal, at least. Overall, I like Aji Sai. I was leaning toward at least an 8 out of 10, but the ‘Yummi-rolls’ are still leaving a, ummm, bad taste: 7 rolls out of 10.

Comment ArrowHmm I am a bit torn here. Based on what we ordered, I would give it a 7 (not so) yummi rolls out of 10 for pretty much the same reason. But I think it’s almost unfair since we went outside the norm picking some different dishes. I have a feeling if we went with “the usual” it would be an 8. Oh well maybe next time.

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2 comments for “Aji Sai”

  1. Worse AYCE restaurant ever. My plate was sticky and dirty, and three times i’ve asked to exchange it, and it was no different. The food was not good, i understand that AYCE is the most average sushi you can have, but having a mix of warm and cold salmon sashimi? BUT THE WORST PART IS… they do not let their customers know that they will automatically charge a 15% on the bill. I WAS UPSET WITH THE SERVICE, i was not going to give 15%!! …i asked an employee to come over, her exact words: we all do it this like, everyone knows. The one on Queen Street is much better, this one on Bloor is the worse AYCE restaurant in toronto.. i have been in toronto for 17 years.

    Posted by Marco | April 10, 2011, 12:18 pm
  2. I went there twice this month at night and they told me that I couldn’t have all you can eat anymore. what a waste of time!! If they don’t serve all you can eat all the time, why do they advertise it then!

    Posted by Johnny | May 8, 2011, 10:10 pm

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