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Asahi Sushi Zone

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Asahi Sushi Zone is located on Church Street just south of Bloor, nestled between a supposed sports bar that caters to karaoke singers and an Indian restaurant. It’s basically a house transformed into a restaurant making for tight quarters, but a nice spot none the less.

640 Church Street

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fred8 / 10
bran6 / 10

Review Date: Oct 28, 2008

Comment ArrowThere’s lots of tables have dividers so you have your privacy if need be. Like if you were discussing top secret plans for your Web site. The service is attentive and the menu selection is quite extensive with lots of options. We’ve been here twice actually so we’ll make this a combined post. The waiter was helpful allowing you to basically just ask for the ‘usual’ or ‘most common’ combination of choices for certain selections. If I recall correctly your two hetero Sushi Toronto writers ordered The Love Boat. Fitting for being on the edge of the gay village, I suppose. It’s a combination of everything, really…

Comment ArrowAh yes the Love Boat. One of those dinners for two with all kinds of combos including appetizers, sushi, rolls, tempura, etc. It’s good if you want a variety of selections. The place was pretty nice although there’s kind of a fishy smell that I noticed. We should mention that the reason we went there twice was because we attempted to go to Ichiriki but it was closed (see review) and we ended up going back to Asahi since it’s right near by.

Comment ArrowI thought the food was quite good here. The rolls seemed to be a step up from most sushi places around the area. I’m never a fan of the salad and soup but we had that the first time we were here, as well. The second time we didn’t order them but we were given them at no cost. Maybe it was a slow night? No idea. Corona’s come with a lemon wedge here. Not a fan.

Comment ArrowHa yeah you never like those ‘frills’ of salad or miso soup. Have you ever had a Corona with lime at a sushi place? I remember them giving us a huge bowl of Edamame which wasn’t a big winner. There was maybe 85% left when he came over and said that we can switch it up next time. I did really like the selection and options they had. One thing for me though that I didn’t like is I found the rice a little too hard, almost like it wasn’t cooked long enough or used enough water.

Comment ArrowSo far, only once have I received a lime with my Corona at a sushi place. Thing is you have to risk your life to get one. Edamame: true! I forgot about that. I didn’t have a problem with the rice. I’m going 8 lemons out of 10.

Comment ArrowRice is a lifeline for us Asians. Having said that, I can only give it a 6 out of 10.

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  1. I tried this place a couple times. I liked the rolls and its probably better than most sushi places in the area.

    Posted by Roger | October 2, 2009, 2:49 pm

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