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Gal’s Sushi

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Gal’s Sushi is located at Highway 7 and Warden in Markham. It’s right across from Markham City Hall and the Markham Theatre for the Performing Arts (beside the Hilton Suites Hotel and Conference Centre‎). They offer both Japanese and Korean fare. Please read our conversational review, below.

3621 Highway 7 East, Unit 106, Markham

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fred9 / 10
brann/a / 10

Review Date: March 26, 2009

Comment ArrowI’ll apologize ahead of time for reviewing a sushi restaurant in ‘car-country-Markham’. I try to stay south of Bloor, and Highway 7 is far (far) from there. Regardless, I went for lunch with the guys from work (free lunch Thursday no less). A few blocks (do they have blocks in Markham?) from our office is Gal’s Sushi. Gal’s is actually a really nice looking restaurant. It’s modern and spacious, with large tables that easily hold a large group of work mates. The staff is all hooked up with headsets and the whole deal. I’m not sure if that helps at all but you can’t say that Gal’s is stuck in the dark ages. There was one instance where two staff members were communicating via their ‘technology’ despite being a few paces away. Nice. Service is quick and courteous and lunch comes out quite quickly. I went for one of the Lunch Box Specials (L3. Roll Box) for $7.99. I can say that I was quite full after wards. The rolls were tasty goodness for sure. It comes with 3 spicy salmon and 3 spicy tuna rolls with another 6 of another variety as well. There were also 4 larger/skinnier rolls with a tempura-like ‘crust’. Sorry, these descriptions aren’t the best, but just trust me that it all tastes great. There are other fixings that come with it as well. Soup, salad, and more. A lunch at Gal’s Sushi may make you forget you’re in the wasteland that is Markham, for a few minutes anyway. Parking is somewhat limited (at the back of the building) but if you’re a real transit enthusiast, the Viva stops only a few steps away (Town Centre Blvd). I recommend Gal’s: 9 headset wearing staff members out of 10.

Comment ArrowSounds pretty good, thanks for the invite Fred…Or maybe the email invite was “caught” in my spam filter….

Comment ArrowUhh… yeeeeeeeah, that must have been what happened… ummm…

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