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Church & Bloor

Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant

Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant is located on Bloor Street East, just west of Church street. It’s in the main floor of an office building. It looks decent – from the outside. You see, they close early (6pm) on Tuesdays. Thus, no review. We’ll have to go another night of the week. File this under Worst (Non)Review Ever. Update: Read our completed review of Ichiriki.

120 Bloor St. E.

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Review Date: Nov 18, 2008

Comment ArrowI really did have high hopes for this place. At first I thought the place closed down but it was just closed and that area is pretty dark. It does look pretty nice from the outside window from what I could tell. Go figure it would close early on our ‘Sushi Review’ night. I guess we’ll have to make an exception for them at some point.

Comment ArrowYes, we’ll get back to Ichiriki someday (not a Tuesday, apparently) and provide a better report. In the meantime, feel free to share your experience by commenting below.

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  2. […] the reason we went there twice was because we attempted to go to Ichiriki but it was closed (see review) and we ended up going back to Asahi since it’s right near […]

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