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Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant

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Ichiriki at Bloor and Church is more than just a sushi place, so it’s a bit different than most of the sushi places we review. One thing to note about Ichiriki is that they are closed Tuesday nights. This, however, was a Wednesday night. Please read our conversational review, below.

120 Bloor Street East

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fred9 / 10
bran8.5 / 10

Review Date: Feb 18, 2009

The restaurant was fairly empty when I arrived around 7. I snagged a table for two and was greeted pretty much right away and provided menus.

As I was about to arrive, I had a weird feeling that it was going to be closed like the last time we tried. Lucky for us, it wasn’t. For the second time in a row you got there before me?!? as I see you sitting near the entrance. I notice its a quite smaller than I thought it would be but appears very nice from the decor.

Indeed… You’re totally slacking! Better take back all your slags directed at the TTC! I got from Markham (where I work – I’d never live there — lets make that clear) to Yonge & Bloor in decent time. The surprise about the size of this restaurant I think is because it’s part of that big IBM building. Thus, it seems like it would be larger. There’s a bunch of tables and then a bar in the corner. The menu was definitely a step up from what we’re used to. I’m sure the food is too, but I mean the actual menu! The guy sitting next to us had his notebook out so we were wondering about wi-fi access. Of course, we didn’t ask so really I’ve just added a useless fact to this review?! As I mentioned earlier, the menu has a range of Japanese selections, with a separate menu for maki and sushi items. I didn’t even know they still brewed it, but Labatt Ice was on the menu, so I had one of those. Brought back some memories… Memories from well before I’d ever eaten sushi…

Ha I guess you are right. I am getting burned by the fact that I expect the TTC to be late and they are actually on time! Don’t worry, it won’t last. Also, it’s one of those things where the closer you are, the more likely you will be late for whatever reason. The menu was pretty classy and the place seems more like a genuine Japanese restaurant and that of course means no Sushi Pizza on the menu. I guess it’s not the big hit in Japan as it is in Toronto. Based on what I see and hear from the Sushi chef in the corner, I think he is actually Japanese! A rarity among Sushi restaurants in Toronto as most seemed to be either Korean or Chinese. Figure that out. True about Labatt ice. It brought back memories of good old Molson XXX with the higher than normal alcohol content. Whatever happened to that piss tasting beer? Anyways, the menu seems a bit more expensive than most and the standard items are there. No “crazy” or specialty type rolls on the menu this time.

I’m sure Ichiriki will appreciate having ‘piss’ in their review (twice now!!). Lucky them. Final points about the place itself: They have a rack to hang your coat, and play soft jazz music – i.e., this isn’t Yonge & Wellesley sushi! Oh, beer comes with a glass, but don’t expect a quick refill offer – you’ll have to specifically have to ask for one. Now, for the food. First item is a plate of sashimi (8 pieces) which was not cut thinly like most places. A lot of them were almost small rectangular pieces.

As far as a refill offer, do you notice that it’s actually kind of rare to get an offer? It seems like you always have to ask for another beer at most of these places. Or maybe it’s just me. Oh food. Yes, the sashimi was good size and tasted very fresh. Was a good choice to start with. Up next was the rolls. I believe a few came out at once?

Yes, everything, more or less, all at once. We went with a bunch of rolls: negi hamachi, spicy tuna, and a veggie (for something different).

Yes the veggie…. never a fan of pure veggie only dishes unless it’s called a salad. For some reason, I always feel there should be some kind of protein/meat involved but good to try something different. The rolls tasted pretty good. Halfway through though, I could tell that we probably needed to order some more.

The veggie I wouldn’t get again. The spicy tuna was good, and the negi hamachi was exceptional – easily my favourite of the night. Once we had another look at the menu we went with spicy salmon and… (I’m drawing a blank on the second one).

Yeah the veggie comes back to haunt you. Hmm I believe I predicted that :) The other rolls were very good as well. They weren’t kidding about the SPICY tuna. Had some nice zip to it and I expect the same with the soon to arrive spicy salmon roll. The second roll we ordered was some kind shrimp tempura roll. Both were very good. I also believe you had to ask for a refill for your empty glass? I see a pattern here as that’s pretty much the norm at sushi places. The green tea constantly gets refilled but the beer… that’s another story.

Hehe… which is messed up, because they obviously make more on a beer refill!… Anyway, the spicy salmon arrived and was spicy indeed (just like the spicy tuna)! Very good. Shrimp tempura rolls were decent as well. Overall, you definitely can’t go wrong with Ichiriki. Great rolls, friendly staff, and a nice little setting. The bill was quite comparable to other places we go to, as well.

Yup, gotta love the spiciness of the spicy salmon. Rolls were great and I agree with you that you really can’t go wrong with the place. The atmosphere, sushi chef and menu are on the more “traditional” side of things and the prices are a bit more but the bill wasn’t as big as I thought it would be which is always a welcome surprise. I give it 8.5 out of 10. I think I would have bumped it to 9 but I must admit, I kind of wished they had some more unique and creative types of rolls that some of the more “nontraditional” places provide. Still a great place but remember it’s not open TUESDAY nights!

Stay away on Tuesdays! I think you would have given up the next 0.5 had you gotten a sushi pizza! I’m going 9 out of 10. I’ll be back!

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  2. […] I noticed. We should mention that the reason we went there twice was because we attempted to go to Ichiriki but it was closed (see review) and we ended up going back to Asahi since it’s right near […]

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  5. Funny. I would give it a 9 because it *is* more of a traditional Japanese restaurant. Nice to be away from the silly NA rolls &c.

    Posted by Brian | November 26, 2011, 8:30 am

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