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Sushi Club

Sushi Club is a tiny spot on Charles just west of Yonge, right beside the Rabbas Fine Foods. There are a few booths along the side and the rest of the place is filled with small tables. It looks like it can fill up pretty quickly.

41 Charles Street West

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fred8 / 10
bran8 / 10

Review Date: Dec 2, 2008

Comment ArrowThe tables that are far too close together for my liking. They really pack the tables in, but it appears they have to. The place was packed when I arrived (7ish on a Tuesday night). Thankfully my trusty Sushi Toronto co-writer and fellow sportaholik had a table for us all lined up. Seeing how this review is a tad post dated (sorry) I can’t even remember everything we had except for the spicy salmon rolls and the sushi pizza…

Comment ArrowYup it was a little while ago. From what I remember, when I got there, I noticed it was already pretty busy but I did manage to get a small table for two…and I do mean a small table. It was a bit cramped but it’s a good sign if it’s busy. Normally means the food is pretty good. I think we also got the spicy tuna rolls as well. We got the spicy salmon rolls as well but when we asked the waitress to confirm if the dish we got was that, I could barely understand her and after a few tries, I just said “sure sounds good, thanks” One thing that I remember, and probably always will, was the chopstick skills by my fellow writer with the sushi pizza. Did the soy sauce ever wash off the shirt??

Comment ArrowHere’s a tip for all of you hoping to save a few bucks at Sushi Club: Pay your bill and run…Well, run may be a bit extreme, but it turns out they like to low ball the final cost on the bill. I wasn’t really paying attention, but they noticed it once I paid. They didn’t include the tax in the final cost, so they came back with the ‘real’ final bill.

Comment ArrowGreat tip! I almost forgot about that. Also notice that when it comes to paying more, the service is suddenly is right there speaking perfect English. Anyways, I did like the place and would recommend it. 8 spilled soy sauces out of 10.

Comment ArrowI’ll match that giving 8 stained shirts out of 10. Will be back at some point.

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3 comments for “Sushi Club”

  1. you guys needs pictures. that’d complete the review. and maybe avg price point spent

    Posted by sam | November 10, 2009, 10:35 pm
  2. Thanks Sam – newer posts have photos… I like the price point idea. We’ll include for future posts. Usually total spent is a bit over $50.

    Posted by fred | November 16, 2009, 6:00 pm
  3. I love this place! One of my favourite sushi spots in the city; but the service is HORRIBLE! It’s not that they don’t speak English very well; it’s just that they don’t even try, or care to be friendly. Not even a smile! But again, the sushi is sooo good I keep going back.

    Posted by Jenna | January 7, 2011, 8:40 am

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