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Yonge & Wellesley

Sushi Garden

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Sushi Garden in located at Yonge and Wellesley. It’s a tiny spot with a combination of booths and tables looking out on Wellesley Street West.

3 Wellesley W

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fred7.5 / 10
bran7 / 10

Review Date: October 14, 2008

Comment ArrowI know this place pretty well. Just like just about every Japanese sushi restaurant here in Toronto, it’s either run by Chinese or Korean. This time it’s my Chinese brothers. So of course we get better service. I love the green tea so I always go with it. You can also tell a lot about places by their green tea and how hot it is.

Comment ArrowDo you remember what we had here? I’m pretty sure this was the place that had a few specials listed at the tables. It was all pretty good from what I remember. The beer selection was lacking, though. The place isn’t especially nice or anything but if the sushi is good…

Comment ArrowI seem to think for some reason we didn’t go with the specials this time. It was something like a ‘maki combo’ or something like that with a bunch of different regular type rolls. It was good but I am thinking we should have gone with more of the specialty rolls rather than the tradional maki variety.

Comment ArrowNext time. Anything else to add? I can’t think of anything else. In fairness to us this review was done from memory probably about 2 months back, if not more. Not even sure this one is fit to publish!

Comment ArrowThis one is a little rough. To be fair we should probably go there sometime again in the future to review it properly since our memory has let us down. I’ll also give it a 7 plain ol’ rolls out of 10.

Comment ArrowTrue. Until then hopefully our writers will contribute to this review via the comments below. Sushi Garden on Wellesley gets a big 7.5 Japanese beers out of 10 from me. Oh, the place was empty too from what I recall. Hmmmm…

Comment ArrowI agree it was pretty quiet but I guess we caught it on an off night. I’ve been past it before and it’s usually fairly busy.

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