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Tokyo Sushi House is a small (almost tiny) restaurant on St. Joseph Street, just East of Bay and just North of Wellesley. There is a small sushi bar with a few tables at the back. Very small and cozy. Please read our conversational review, below.

33 St. Joseph Street

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fred8.5 / 10
bran8 / 10

Review Date: Jan 20, 2009

Comment ArrowI was first to arrive there and was actually the only customer at the time. It’s a very cozy place but it was a bit unnerving being there by myself outnumbered by staff as I waited for my fellow co-reviewer. I figured that your train was probably delayed. I noticed that the transit systems just get worse in the winter time… but that’s another rant.

Comment ArrowYeah, the subway had a few extra stoppages on the way downtown. None the less, when I arrived at Tokyo Sushi House I was instantly greeted by the friendly staff. There is a small bar and stool setup at the front of the restaurant, with a few tables at the back. I was ready for a game of lime-or-no-lime, as it pertains to my traditional Corona. Turns out we didn’t get to play: They don’t serve alcohol at the Tokyo Sushi House, apparently.

Comment ArrowI could see your eyes watering when the waitress mentioned that they don’t serve alcohol. I guess they never bothered getting a liquor license. With such a small place, doesn’t surprise me too much. Anyways, the menus were small booklet type and the one thing that I noticed right away was that they didn’t have sushi pizza!

Comment ArrowIndeed, no sushi pizza to be had. Back to my beverage: I went with a Coke… which, unfortunately, I had to ask twice for. The service was actually quite good; she just forgot. I almost felt like a kid again as my Coke came complete with a plastic cup with ice and… a straw! Now to the good stuff: Round one was the Green Day Roll, a sushi plate, and spicy salmon rolls.

Comment ArrowHa you were really into that plastic cup! One thing good about being the only people there initially is that we got our food really fast. People did start to trickle in and it looks like it’s also a goto place for takeout as a lot of people were popping in to pick up their orders. The food was quite good and fresh including the special Green Day Roll which was basically a roll wrapped in avocado. What we did realize as we were eating was…. we didn’t order enough! Bring on the menus again.

Comment ArrowSo, we summoned a menu, although we really didn’t have to as this place is loaded with hand drawn signs featuring their specials and pretty much everything on the menu, it seems. We had a peek at the menu and made round two the Rainbow Roll and the Volcano Roll (avocado and [draws a blank] in a salmon wrap, covered in sauce).

Comment ArrowAgain, the food came out quick. As it turned out, the Volcano Roll was very good. Grilled Salmon with “special sauce”. The Rainbow roll, standard among most sushi places was also quite good. It was definitely enough to fill us up.

Comment ArrowYes, everything we ate was good. The Volcano Roll was a hit. In fact, I made sure to grab the last one! I really enjoyed the Tokyo Sushi House. It’s got a different atmosphere than most sushi places in downtown Toronto. That and the service and food are great as well. I’m not the only one that thinks that apparently. The walls are covered with photos of those who agree. I didn’t really study them, but I assume they are of the celebrity type. Hence why they didn’t ask to take our photos, I suppose.

Comment ArrowI think they were celebrities too. Can’t seem to remember which ones though but there were a lot of them signed personally. Overall a fun, cozy little place that I can see myself going back to. Eight erupting volcanoes out of 10. One thing I should note is I still couldn’t figure out where the washrooms were. As we were leaving I figured I’d spot it on the way out. No such luck.

Comment ArrowHmmm… yeah, I can’t help you there. I did notice, however, the piece of clothing tacked to the wall with the slogan ‘Sun, Sex & Sushi’. There you go. Enjoy the ‘old school’ bill as well. It’s part of the overall charm I guess (yes, I said ‘charm’). I would recommend Tokyo Sushi House to anyone. If you want a nice quiet spot, Tuesdays at 7 is, apparently, the time to go! 8.5 non-alcoholic drinks out of 10.

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  1. Super fresh. I’m very picky and this place tastes hella better than most places in Yorkville, Queen, and Bloor Street. Very fast too!

    Posted by anon | November 1, 2009, 3:04 pm
  2. […] Tokyo Sushi House- A small, but efficiently used space that caters to Patrick Stewart (that’s right, Patrick ‘Tea, Earl-Grey, Hot’ Stewart, when he eats in Toronto.) The sushi here is fresh and the service is fantastic. Note, I’ve heard that they do not serve alcohol. Yonge + Wellesley area. […]

    Posted by SpiritSentient - Embrace A New Renaissance | July 3, 2010, 10:12 am
  3. I have been going to and ordering from Tokyo Sushi for about 9 years and am always very happy. They also deliver sushi to all of our parties.
    My husband is an excellent cook and we make food from all over the world, with preference to various Asian foods and very particular about our sushi, as that’s the only take out food we ever eat, but we love Tokyo Sushi more than anything in the neighborhood. They are friendly people and their food super fresh. When I wait for the food to take home with me, they always give me a lovely California roll to munch on while I wait…

    Posted by Natasha | December 1, 2010, 12:56 pm
  4. I love Tokyo Sushi. I go there once a week – sometimes even twice. The fish is always fresh and sushi is delicious. The prices are ok. The staff is very kind and they often give me a wrap as gift :) It’s the best sushi I ever tried in Toronto.

    Posted by Simona | July 26, 2011, 1:38 pm
  5. We really enjoyed our visit…as a matter of fact i did a small YouTube on the small but tasty place.



    Posted by Frank Mazzuca | April 23, 2012, 9:07 pm
  6. Jiro Dreams of Sushi…right after we viewed the film at TIFF LIGHTBOX we ventured out to find SMALL…but good “sit up at the bar” style sushi…and we did with TOKYO HOUSE SUSHI on 33 St. George Street just south of Bloor off Bay.

    go check it out and watch the vid on my YouTube channel too:


    Posted by Frank Mazzuca | April 23, 2012, 9:15 pm
  7. […] Tokyo Sushi House – A small, but efficiently used space that caters to Patrick Stewart (that’s right, Patrick ‘Tea, Earl-Grey, Hot’ Stewart, when he eats in Toronto.) The sushi here is fresh and the service is fantastic. Note, I’ve heard that they do not serve alcohol. Yonge + Wellesley area. […]

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