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Sushi Sky Japanese Restaurant

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Sushi Sky Japanese Restaurant is located on Yonge Street, just north of College and across the street from Kokyo Sushi. This restaurant has been around for over 10 years and the website boasts that it is the “largest Japanese Restaurant on Yonge Street”. Please read our conversational review, below.

478 Yonge Street
416.969.8988 | website

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fred5.5 / 10

bran5.0 / 10

Review Date: Mar 31, 2009

I must admit that I was very curious about this place since I’ve been reading many not so favourable reviews on the Internet. We both arrived nearly the same time and the first thing I noticed when I walked in was that the place is a lot bigger than it appears. It’s narrow but the tables and seats go back pretty deep so maybe their claim to fame might be pretty accurate?

Could be… I was there a few seconds before you and the woman who sat us seemed pretty annoyed that I was taking a second or two to decide where to sit… I was like ‘my buddy might here already…’. So, things started off with a bit of rudeness from the Sushi Sky staff.

Oh interesting, the rudeness was one thing noted by other reviewers…I did see you two talking when I walked in and I guess the evil eye she gave you probably wasn’t a good thing :). Good thing I came in to save the day before the woman was about to really let you have it! Anyways, once we got seated and got a chance to look at the menus, one nice thing to note is that we immediately got served green tea. I always like when it comes like that than having to specifically ask for it.

Yes, service was quite quick, I’ll admit. Corona came with what seems to be the sushi-place-traditional lemon (sigh). So, we went with the Sushi Sky Roll, spicy salmon rolls, and sushi pizza. Also, we chose item C8 from the ‘pictureful’ (I just made a new word!) menu which is a combination of sashimi, nigiri and maki – a variety of each.

Gotta love the big pictures in the menu to give you an idea on what you are ordering. I noticed it has lots of different combos which is nice. All the dishes came out pretty quick as well. One problem. When I opened up my chopsticks from the wrap, there was only 1!! I guess they figured I would just stab each sushi roll. It looked like someone decided to stealthily remove one chopstick from the wrap without doing much damage to burn the next person, namely me. That was a first for me.

Yeah, that was a bit disturbing. But you persevered, in your dedication to Sushi Toronto! The spicy salmon rolls were great… Sushi Sky roll not bad… and the sushi pizza was decent as well. I decided to eat the nigiri the way ‘it’s supposed to be eaten’ with success! I agree with the sushi chef – it’s so much easier. The sashimi was ‘ok’, and we somehow left some of the ‘C8’ rolls to the end. That was a bad idea. They were by far the worst item, leaving a bad taste upon finishing up at Sushi Sky. What did you think?

Ah yes I was very impressed with your skills and dedication to the craft of sushi eating. I prefer to stick with the chopsticks instead of using my hands but to each his own. Maybe if/when we decide to his a “real” sushi place (actual trained Japanese sushi chefs) then I’ll give it a try. Wasn’t it spicy tuna rolls? They were good, and done in a similar to Ichiriki in that the spicy sauce was dropped on top. I agree the others were decent but nothing spectacular. I thought the rice was a bit too hard for my liking actually and the Sushi Sky rolls were kind of large where it made it a bit tough to eat each piece “gracefully” if you know what I mean.

Ah!… Tuna, yeah, you’re right. Yes, the Sushi Sky rolls were almost more than a mouthful. A bit challenging. Anything else? I’m going to give Sushi Sky 5.5 missing chopsticks out of 10. If you’re along the Yonge/College-Wellesley strip there are much better options within a couple blocks of Sushi Sky.

Yeah I think that’s about it. I have to agree with you, nothing too spectacular. There’s just too many other places in the area that are much better in terms of both food and service. 5 out of 10 for me.

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