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Sushi Supreme Fusion

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Sushi Supreme Fusion, opened in May 2009, is located on Yonge Street just south of Wellesley. Please read our conversational review, below.

543 Yonge Street

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fred6.5 / 10

bran6 / 10

Review Date: May 5, 2009

Comment ArrowThis is the place that has replaced the Sunset Grill which had great cheap breakfasts but brutal service to say the least which I am sure the reason why that place went belly up. Let’s hope that Sushi Supreme Fusion doesn’t follow in those footsteps. The first good sign is that they have a 20% off promotion going on. Discounts are always welcome.

Comment ArrowHehe… Or you could look at it another way: Why the discount if this place is so, ummm, ‘supreme’… Anyway, the Sushi Supreme Fusion is fairly nice inside. It’s a combination of booths and small tables. It’s narrow but quite long, holding a lot of people. We ordered the salmon sushi pizza, a combo plate of sushi and rolls, and a couple separate roll orders – including spicy tuna.

Comment ArrowDon’t forget the large flat screen tv hanging above playing CP24. I am noticing this trend of restaurants putting these up more and more now. Not really sure why. I can understand if it’s a sports bar but doesn’t really fit in a sushi restaurant. Oh well, at least I’ll be up to date on any “breaking news”! I think we also had some kind of UFO roll or something like that. Too tempting not to order. The service was very prompt but probably because there weren’t too many customers that night. Unfortunately for you, they were still in the process of getting their liquor license so I guess it’s gonna be green tea and cokes.

Comment ArrowAh, yes, the UFO roll… I forgot that one. It was decent actually. The sushi plate was nothing to write home (or, err, blog) about. Even the spicy tuna was sub-par, which I found odd. I thought that was an easy staple? The salmon sushi pizza was decent, however.

Comment ArrowThe UFO wasn’t actually a roll but sort of came in pieces that were maybe shaped as a flying object? Oh well, it was okay as was the rest of the food. Nothing really special to say about them though or the rest of the rolls. They tasted alright I guess but nothing memorable to write about.

Comment ArrowFor me, once again, there are just better places around within a few blocks. There is really no reason for me to go back to Sushi Supreme Fusion. I found it average at best, despite decent service and a decent looking interior. If you’re in the Yonge and Wellesley area and are looking for a new sushi spot, the just reviewed Sushi Hana is a better bet. It’s just north of Wellesley on Yonge. Could Sushi Supreme go the way of Sunset Grill (and others that have had a brief stay at this location)? 6.5/10.

Comment ArrowI gotta agree with you. You can file this one under the “yet another sushi place” category among the hundreds of other sushi places popping up everywhere. There really isn’t anything special or memorable that would make me want to go back. From the average tasting food and the standard menu, there’s just too many better places to go to instead. I actually kind of wished Sunset Grill was still around with better service of course. Oh well, Sushi (not so) Supreme Sushi gets a 6 out of 10 from me.

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