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Daily Sushi is small sushi restaurant located on Carlton Street just east of the bustling intersection of Yonge and College. Please read our conversational review, below.

20 Carlton Street
M-Su 11am-11pm
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bran8 / 10
fred7 / 10

Review Date: July 28, 2009

Think u should try the “daily sushi”, Carlton & Yongue (200 m from yongue). This tiny place is so far the best quality for money i have found around the area. Unexpensive, unpretentious, fresh sushi.

Yes, our little spot on the Web is now getting some quality (albeit misspelled) feedback from readers, so we really had no choice but to check out this spot. Daily Sushi is beside the Carlton Cinemas on Carlton – between Yonge and Church streets. It is, indeed, a tiny place, with quick, courteous service.

It was perfect timing as we were debating on where to go. It has a decent looking menu with pictures and easy to navigate. We went with the usual Spicy Tuna Rolls and Sushi Pizza as a standard. The other dishes would be more what we were in the mood for or if they had some special type of rolls unique to the restaurant.

Indeed – I’m a fan of the picture menus! We also ordered the 18 piece Baseball Sashimi dish which is three pieces each of: tuna, salmon, yellow tail, surf clam, cuttlefish, and red snapper. For specialty rolls, we went with the Fresh Mango Salmon Roll (mango, salmon, cucumber, crab, mayo and tobiko with mango sauce) and, I believe, the Sea Dragon (deep fried shrimp, cucumber, avocado, tobiko topped with unagi).

Gotta love the naming conventions. Also on the menu, the “traditional Japanese” classics such as Maple Leaf Combo, C.N. Tower Combo and the Young St. Sushi. Although they did look tasty! The food came out pretty fast with the sashimi coming out first then followed by the rest of the dishes.

Haha, yes, very ‘traditional’. The incorrect spelling of ‘Yonge’ was a nice touch – errr, maybe not. Ok, the sashimi—I’ve had better for sure. Maybe I was having an off day, but I didn’t find it that great.

Yes you have become quite the sashimi connoisseur after all these meals we’ve had. Agreed though. It tasted fine but nothing special. Now come out the sushi pizza and the rest of the rolls. The sushi pizza was pretty good, and it had a bit of spice to it. Also liked the fact that they were pretty liberal with the salmon on top.

Definitely liberal on the salmon atop the sushi pizza. I lost at least one piece of salmon in the process of enjoying this dish. I can’t complain about the sushi pizza. The Mango Salmon Roll was my pick and I can’t say it was a great one. I was expecting better. It seemed fairly plain. I wanted mango-explosion! (I guess).

Hmm….I guess my expectations weren’t so grand. I didn’t really expect any explosion so I though they tasted pretty good. I really like anything mango so that helps I guess. The Sea Dragon tasted pretty good I love tempura type rolls and throw some bbq eel on top, works for me!

I thought the Sea Dragon was alright (just alright). I will say, however, that the rolls were large. They don’t skimp at Daily Sushi. The Spicy Tuna Rolls were a bit different than what we normally get, but they were quite good.

Ah yes, they were large pieces weren’t they? Overall I was pretty satisfied. We arrived there a little after 6pm and it wasn’t too busy but there was a steady stream of people coming in right afterwards as well as a few waiting by the sushi bar for takeout orders. It’s a small place so it fills up pretty fast. In the end, I enjoyed it and would recommend it if you live in the area. I give it a 8/10. I also give it some bonus points for the waitress who assisted some man who I believe was quadriplegic it looked like. She went the extra mile in setting up his drinks and food in special plates and cups.

True, them helping out that customer was fantastic. That says a lot about a place. Despite that, I can’t rank Daily Sushi too high. For me, the food wasn’t anything special. There is better in the area. Ditto for the restaurant atmosphere. The staff and service were great, however: 7/10.


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