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Bikkuri Japanese Restaurant

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Bikkuri Japanese Restaurant is located right in Toronto’s Financial District, on King Street, just one block east of Yonge Street. Please read our conversational review, below.

36 King Street East
416.369.0330 | website
M-F 11:30am-11pm S-Su 12-11pm
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Review Date: September 1, 2009

Comment ArrowBikkuri Restaurnt
So, Bikkuri is a place I walk past pretty much every day on my way to King subway station, now that I no longer live in the Yonge-Bloor area. It’s only a block and a half east of Yonge, on King Street – across from the King Edward Hotel. It always seemed like a nice spot, and even has a patio out front. Only thing is I’ve never see it even half full. Maybe for lunch? Possibly. We met there at 7pm…

Comment ArrowBased on the website link you sent me the placed look pretty fancy going with the darker modern feel kind of thing. It’s very close to King Subway Station (yes I did take the subway there) and you really can’t miss it. Huge black and Bikkuri sign. When I arrived it wasn’t too busy and was seated by the window. Looking around, has some private rooms/booths as well for larger parties I guess.

Comment ArrowThe Web site makes it appear nicer than it actually is – to me anyway. Maybe it’s a lighting thing?!… Anyway, service was prompt and everything came out super quick! So, we went with the Salmon Sushi Pizza, a mixed sushi plate, Spicy Tuna Rolls, Shichimi Maki (spicy tuna, avocado tempura, tempura bits, wasabi tobiko), Martini Roll (tobiko, cucumber, BBQ salmon, wrapped with avocado) and I think one more.

Maki Platter

Comment ArrowYeah it was lightning quick. Probably because it wasn’t that busy. More people started to trickle in here and there as the evening went on. I guess it’s hard to expect more on a Tuesday night. Your exactly right about the dishes. The first thing I noticed that was different was the Salmon Sushi Pizza. It wasn’t the usual deep fried rice base. The rice base was actually some kind of rice tempura. Different but still tasted pretty good. The rolls were all pretty decent the Shichimi Maki was extra spicy to me. This time more of the spicy sauce variety. This spiciness I prefer over the way Daio Japanese Restaurant does theirs.

Sushi Platter

Comment ArrowSushi Pizza

The Sushi Pizza was good… Yes, the Shichimi Maki had some kick (actually quite a bit!). The Martini Rolls were decent but seemed to fall apart easily. I prefer when that doesn’t happen?! About mid way through dinner I noticed a small fly landed in my beer. Nothing that couldn’t be fished out with my trusty chop sticks. On that note, the beer selection is quite lacking, unless you’re big on Japanese beers. I went with the large Sapporo.

Comment ArrowFly

Ah yes the Martini Rolls! Presentation and taste was nice but just broke apart too easily. I was going to say that it’s due to your chopstick skills but it was happening to me as well, a seasoned chopstick user…so it must be the sushi chefs fault!

The jury is still out on that fly. Was it already in the glass or did it land there during the dinner?? I’ll give them a slight benefit of the doubt as there was a fly flying around at the end of the dinner so it’s possible it just dropped in on your beer.

Comment ArrowWhat was with the large delay getting our bill? We must have sat there for 10-15 minutes after our plates were cleared and had to basically flag them down. Not a huge deal but it was noticeable.

Comment ArrowService was pretty good up until that point. It’s aways a bit weird when you have to flag a waiter/waitress down to GIVE them money. At least we get a few candies for our troubles that were included with the bill. Anyways, overall the Bikkuri was decent but nothing really stands out. Might be a good place to have private party dinners as they have private areas with pillows and it looks like you even remove your shoes for more “traditional” Japanese dinning. The prices were a bit more expensive than others but you can probably chalk that up to being in the Yonge and King Street area. I’ll have to add it to the ever growing list of “yet another Toronto sushi place” category. I give it a 7/10. Bonus points for getting another few candies(!) when the waitress returned with the credit card sheet to sign.

Comment ArrowYeah, the more-candies-upon-return-of-the-credit-card was a nice touch. But, agreed, Bikkuri is nothing special. There are better restaurants downtown if you’re really looking for some great sushi: 7/10 from the white guy.


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3 comments for “Bikkuri Japanese Restaurant”

  1. That restaurant is disgusting, I got a diareahh after my dinner there. and the fish is cheap and not fresh at all!

    Posted by JENNY | November 6, 2009, 12:39 pm
  2. Wow that sounds terrible. Do you remember what you ate there?

    Posted by brandon | November 10, 2009, 8:29 am
  3. dirty place and the waitress don’t even understand your order! we had to wait 30 mins for our food, and the tempera were soggy and greasy!

    Posted by sen | May 14, 2011, 6:24 pm

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