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Fune Japanese Restaurant

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Fune is located in the Entertainment district near the Roy Thompson Hall on Simcoe Street, just north of King Street. Please read our conversational review of Fune, below.

100 Simcoe Street

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fred9.5 / 10
bran8.5 / 10

Review Date: Jan. 12, 2010

Our meetup was for 6:30 on a Tuesday night. I arrived and was given a friendly greeting as soon as I walked in. I had the option of sitting at the sushi bar or the tables in the other room. I opted for the latter. The waitress arrived promptly and offered to take my coat which I took advantage of. My drink order arrived right away along with a hot towel. It wasn’t too busy but the tables that were occupied seemed to be by those working in the Financial District nearby.

I’ve actually been to this restaurant a long time ago and only remembered the rotating sushi bar thing. Still have never sat by one of those yet. Anyways, I arrived a few minutes later and was greeted by the friendly staff who also took my coat. Then got a hot towel as well to wipe my hands with. Some nice touches so far. First thing I noticed was that you had an ice tea?!? Where’s the beer order?

Hehe… Wasn’t feeling it – as hard as that is to believe. They seemed to have an extensive wine list, however. We opted to split two dishes. The salmon sushi pizza (of course!) and a mixed plate ($55) of sashimi, maki and nigiri.

Looks like this time we are going with more “hardcore” sushi and sashimi rather than the variety of rolls. Fune has more of a traditional type of menu, eg. doesn’t have some Toronto centric named rolls such as the Queen Street roll. Before the food arrived, the waitress came over and connected the table beside us to make room for the large plate. Good sign that we would be getting a lot of food. She was right, the platter/plate was pretty large, loaded with sashimi, sushi and only a few California rolls.

I could have used a few more rolls, but can’t really complain too much. The rolls were quite good – as was the sashimi, but the real winner of this dish for me was the nigiri. Super fresh and with the wasabi in between the rice and fish. I don’t recall which one, but one of them was super spicy – of which I’m a fan. This was definitely some of the best sushi I’ve eaten. If I was to get this dish again, I’d likely stick with the nigiri and the rolls, but that’s just my personal preference.
Sushi / Sashimi Plate

I really enjoyed the dish. I guess I was more in the mood for more fish and less rolls this time. The plate had a lot of variety of fresh fish, nice presentation with good sized pieces/portions. I hate when places give you super thin slices of sashimi and sushi. It’s rare to find places that actually put some wasabi in the sushi but I am told that this is how it’s supposed to be done. The sushi pizza was also decent but I thought that the base of deep fried rice was a bit overcooked/overfried so it was too crispy for my liking.

The sashimi was good – for sure. There was fish that we don’t usually see at most sushi restaurants we go to. I forgot about the sushi pizza! It wasn’t anything special in my view. Agreed – seemed to be super crispy. I’ve had better.

Overall I enjoyed this place. Great service and good, fresh sushi. The prices are a little higher but you do get large portions and better quality sushi. The sushi pizza could have been better but I think you would come here for the fish and not the novelty dishes. 8.5/10 for me.

Yep, service was superb and the sushi was super fresh: 9.5/10.

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