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[Update October 2012: We’re told that “YUZU” is now “Yuzunohana”]

YUZU is located on Adelaide West, between University and Duncan, in downtown Toronto. It’s right on the edge of both the Financial and Entertainment Districts. Please read our conversational review, below.

236 Adelaide Street West
416.205.9808 | website
M-F: 11:30am-10:30pm
Sat: noon – 11:30pm

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fred9.5 / 10
bran9 / 10

Review Date: April 27, 2010

Comment ArrowYuzu - sushi in Toronto
So I guess it’s about time we ventured a little off of Yonge Street this time around. As I walked on Adelaide from University, I forgot how many food places there really were here in this area. The very popular Burrito Boyz (good burritos, crazy busy and the worst service possible) and that fairly new poutine place. YUZU is right between them and the Crocodile Rock.

Comment ArrowYes, we’re slowly getting further from Yonge Street. As I walked along Adelaide from the east side I went by some our past reviews from the Adelaide stretch: Nami, Ninki and Fune. Some better than others! Anyway, this day was all about YUZU – which we figured may be a nice place based on their sleek Web site.

Comment ArrowWhen I arrived around 5:45pm, the restaurant was empty. It did get a little busier as the night went on but by no means full when we left. The decor and ambiance of YUZU definitely exuded a “higher end” dining experience. The prices on the menu also reflected this as most items were easily a few dollars more than the local neighborhood sushi joint. I am curious if the food itself lives up to hype as we’ve been disappointed before.

Comment ArrowTrue… I loved the atmosphere at YUZU. A very modern-style dining area with matching music to boot. It’s classy yet casual – if that makes any sense. I started off with a draft of Sapporo, and then we perused the menu.

Comment ArrowThe first thing I noticed is that there was no Sushi Pizza! I guess it truly is a authentic place You’ve now got me on the Spicy Scallop rolls so we had to get that as well as the usual Spicy tuna rolls. We just need to round it off with some sushi and another specialty roll.

Comment ArrowYep, we dialed up the ‘Sushi Deluxe’ ($31- “Chef’s selection, 12 pieces of nigiri, 6 pieces of maki roll”) and the YUZU Maki ($17 – “Avocado, tobiko, shrimp tempura, salmon, spicy scallop, seared at table”). We try to make a point to order the restaurant-own-speciality-maki at any place that offers it, so the YUZU Maki had to be ordered!

Comment ArrowAfter getting the standard miso soup and salad, I noticed the waitress bringing over a flaming dish to a couple in the corner! Yes there were flames coming out of the bottom. Looked very impressive and I was curious what they ordered. Two minutes later, the waitress comes to our table with the same flaming dish! It’s the YUZU Maki and that’s what they mean by “seared at the table”.

Soup and Salad


Comment Arrow… and good thing she did, as you got so giddy when she brought it to that other table. I had a hunch if we didn’t get one you were going to say ‘I’d like to order One Of Those Over There’… Oh, the salad was nice! Usually I’m not an appetizer fan, but I enjoyed the salad. The YUZU Maki looked really nice. Can’t go wrong with a flaming presentation – ummmmm. It was very tasty. I’m not sure about $17 tasty, but it was a nice dish.



Comment ArrowYes the YUZU Maki was a very good combination of tempura shrimp with the cooked salmon on top. The $17 price tag that goes with it not so much. I think it would be good to get in a group as a crowd pleaser but beyond that, I doubt it would be in my regular order. Next out was the Spicy Tuna and Spicy Scallop rolls on one dish and the Sushi Deluxe on the other. I must admit that the presentation of the Sushi Deluxe plate gave a definite wow factor. Very impressive and original.

Spicy Scallop Roll

Sushi Deluxe - YUZU sushi

Comment ArrowAgreed, the Sushi Deluxe platter did look impressive. It tasted just as good, as well. A really nice mix of sushi. The spicy rolls didn’t disappoint either.

Comment ArrowYes the sushi was very fresh, good portion sized and tasted very good. Some of the sushi I didn’t even recognize what they were but still tasted great. Also, a nice surprise was the addition of dynamite rolls which I didn’t even realize was supposed to be included. I would definitely order this again.

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Comment ArrowTrue, those rolls were very good. You can’t go wrong with the Sushi Deluxe plate. Out sushi review wouldn’t be complete without talking about something non-food related. Namely, that couple a few tables down from us. How does that guy get a girl like that? She was out of his league, according to this half of the Sushi Toronto team.

Comment ArrowI think it’s pretty simple so let me just quote Puff Daddy on this one : “It’s All about the Benjamins”…

Comment Arrow… or, in this case, the Bordens (yeah, I had to look it up). Maybe Bieber sings about the Bordens – no idea… I’m giving YUZU a 9.5/10: Great atmosphere, great service, great good, great presentation, a really unique dish – presentation wise especially… Yeah, that $17 price tag is a bit much but just don’t order that dish then! YUZU is YUM.

Comment ArrowWow I think that’s one of your highest reviews? If I could nitpick, I wasn’t as impressed with the service as much as I didn’t even get one refill of green tea. It’s a 9/10 for me. Probably would have matched your rating if there was some free dessert at then end. Either way, excellent food and a definite pick for a night out for some “higher end” sushi.

Sushi bill
[Note: We had company so there are a couple extra items on this bill than we talked about in the review.]

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