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Prince Sushi

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Prince Sushi is located on Courtney Park, near Highway 10 in Mississauga. It’s part of the AMC complex, where on this Tuesday night at 7pm pretty much every restaurant was dead. Prince Sushi, however, was quite full. We were seated quickly and provided menus. It’s All You Can Eat sushi at Prince. Please read our conversational review, below.

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4.0  /  10You normally don’t expect much from an all you can eat sushi place. At Prince, that’s about right.
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8.5  /  10The biblical looking guy on the men’s bathroom door says Prince offers good food at speedy service. I agree.
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3.0  /  10Bland rolls. They even messed up the ice cream. Avoid.

90 Courtneypark Dr. E. #4 Mississauga L5T 2Y3
Mon-Fri: 11:30am-3pm
Sun-Thu: 5pm-10pm
Fri-Sat: 5pm-11pm

Review Date: Nov. 23, 2010

Comment ArrowPrince Sushi - Mississauga
After some nagging about how great this place is, guess it’s time we ventured out in old Mississauga again. We were told there was a normal sushi menu but once we were seated, we learned that’s not the case. It’s all you can eat or nothing as we were given a menu guide, some sheets of paper and pencil to mark what we wanted to order. Pretty easy.

Comment ArrowSeated quickly? Yes. But a case of server weirdness. We had a reservation for 7pm. We get there and it’s pretty packed but for three free tables from what I saw. I didn’t fully understand her, but it went something like: “We have a reservation for three people”… “Oh, sit where you want”…. “Ok, we’ll sit here”…. “Uhhhh…. you can’t. That’s saved for a party”. That was a dumb opening.

Comment ArrowHehe… I didn’t catch all that when it happened. A good start, indeed! Service was quick — we got our drinks lined up and started filling out the form with our order. Of note, the form has a section in big bold block letters stating “PLEASE DO NOT ORDER EXCESSIVE FOOD – Unconsumed portions will be charged at regular price. Thank you.” In case you didn’t see the big bolded letters, they also had someone swipe a yellow highlighter on that part also. In a word, classy. Speaking of excessive ordering: For nigiri, salmon and unagi. For rolls, we went a bit crazy: spicy tuna, spicy salmon, two dynamite rolls, spider roll, rainbow roll, red dragon and I’m sure a couple others… Simply put, it was a lot. There was also some tempura ordered and a few other items…

Do not order excessive food

Comment ArrowThen the food started to come out. Fast, one after the other. Each one was on those fancy rectangular type plates. Pretty soon, there wasn’t much room on the table. It would probably be a bit smarter to put multiple orders on one plate to save on room rather than each order on their own plate.

Comment ArrowTrue. I ordered a bunch of normal stuff like gyozas and spring rolls, which made the table more jam packed than it really should have been. Oh well.

And like typical oriental restaurant fashion, the pop I ordered came in a can where they put the straw through the tab hole. Never understood that. It may keep the straw from bobbing up and down, but since the tab is angled away from you, the straw is actually often pointed away. So for the first few sips, you have to suck through the straw with the can upright or else the liquid may splatter on you if you tilt the can toward you. Weird.

Comment ArrowHehe… So, we started sampling the dishes – I started with the spicy tuna roll (usually will always be good) – and everything was really bland. The nigiri was decent, but the rolls were not good at all… I’d try another dish in hopes it was just ‘that one’ before that wasn’t good… No such like. It was almost across the board blandness…. Prince Sushi wasn’t looking like a good call at this point…

spicy tuna roll

nigiri at Prince Sushi

Comment ArrowHave to agree with your there. The sushi and rolls weren’t anything special. I guess that’s the cost of going to an all you can eat place as far as quality is concerned. I did like the deep fried and cooked dishes including the calamari. Then again, just about anything deep fried tastes good! The place really started to fill up as well. It got so full that there was consistently people waiting by the door. It’s always a bit weird when there’s people standing there literally beside you staring as you eat.

maki at Prince Sushi


Comment ArrowCreepiness when waiting for a table? Like us at Tako a while back? LOL.

You guys are too picky! All that stuff you two ordered looks just like all the food you ordered last time I came with you. I bet any money the key to differences is how much soy sauce and globs of wasabi you use!

I thought the food was good! Even my diet coke was from a can, which meant it was fresh and not a watered down fountain drink. And when you two begged me to finish off your orders of whatever-they-are-called (in case we get charged extra), I obliged and ate some of it. And you know what? It tastes practically the same as every other sushi I’ve eaten ever!

rainbow roll
Fried stuff (tempura, calimari, gyozas) were good, those mini-beef rolls were good, beef skewers were nice and even the bowl of rice (I know… it’s filler), was fine.

Comment ArrowHehe… Indeed we were having trouble finishing up a few dishes. It turned into a bit of negotiating at the end — ‘You take two and I’ll take two’. The unagi roll we had in the final order was decent, I thought. The sushi pizza was nothing special, but edible.

sushi pizza from Prince Sushi
The non-sushi items were ‘ok’ — can’t complain too much there. Free ice cream was included. I sprang for the green tea flavour. You would think they could get ice cream right but that wasn’t the case: It was basically frozen chunks of green tea ice cream. Seems about right.

green tea ice cream

The cost is $21 per adult for the All You Can Eat here at Prince Sushi. Twenty-one dollars you’ll want to take elsewhere and spend. The service was quick but the sushi definitely sub par. We finished off the evening with one piece of roll that I honestly couldn’t stomach so it sat there on my plate. Everything else was consumed. Prince Sushi
gets a big 3/10 from me, and never a return.

the bill

Comment ArrowYeah it was kind of a running joke about who’s going to eat the last pieces of sushi. Not a good sign. As for the ice cream, I don’t think I’d classify it as free. It’s part of the “all you can eat” and even that was messed up. They didn’t look like they were scooped but more like they were poured into each bowl and frozen together! Oh well, I shouldn’t be surprised. If you are looking for quantity over quality, this place is for you. Sushi lovers should stay away from here as well as any all you can eat sushi places. 4/10.

Comment ArrowI didn’t bother with ice cream as I was stuffed, but I did check out the bathroom like Tako. Surprisingly clean with that weird cabinet thing high up on the ceiling….. no, I did not open it. Tempted to though.

The bad thing was they have one of those crappy paper towel dispensers which make picking out a sheet with wet hands virtually impossible, since it tears every time you try to grab a sheet through the metal hole. Had to open the box.

But overall, I thought Prince was pretty good. Filling, quick service, good food… at least the stuff I ordered was good. Nice atmosphere and clean too. Very small place, so reservations likely needed like what we did. 8.5/10. Would have been a 9 if the paper towel…… just kidding. Regardless, a solid 8.5 from me.

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