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Maison du Japon

Maison du Japon is located in Markham, along Woodbine Avenue about four streets north of Steeles. They offer a la carte ordering or an all you can eat buffet. Please read our review, below.

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2.0  /  10Chaotic restaurant + awful service + tasteless sushi + markham.

7500 Woodbine Avenue
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Review Date: March 17, 2011

Comment ArrowI went to Maison du Japon with a co-worker. We went for the all you can eat lunch buffet ($11.99). The inside of Maison du Japon is nothing really to write home about. Tables are fairly crowded together and the feeling of chaos is abound. Simply order off the menu and they will deliver it to your table. Service was fairly attentive at the beginning but once our order started showing up at the table, bit by bit, we finally realized that we weren’t going to receive half of what we ordered. Our waitress basically disappeared and thus we had to flag down another server who then took our order for the missing items. Upon that, we did finally receive everything. Anything you wanted beyond that you had to flag down someone to get it for you.

As for the food itself, the non-sushi items were ‘ok’: teriyaki beef, spare ribs, etc. The maki, however, was awful. We ordered the Spicy Salmon roll and a tempura/avocado/cucumber (from what I recall) roll. Both were tasteless. The Sushi Pizza was a bit of a joke compared to most places. All in all the food was not good at all. You could say it was ‘all you can eat’ so it’s not going to be great. True, however something half decent would be nice.

Maison du Japon - Maki

Between the horrendous service and poor quality food, Maison du Japon in Markham earns a big 2 out of 10 from this half of the Sushi Toronto team.

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3 comments for “Maison du Japon”

  1. Wow sounds terrible. Seems like a common trend among AYCE places: Ok cooked food (teriyaki/tempura) but the actual sushi/sashimi/rolls are mediocre at best. Glad I missed this one!

    Posted by brandon | March 26, 2011, 3:18 am
  2. This place is the bomb. this guy is a joke.

    Posted by julia and ben | August 31, 2011, 1:38 pm
  3. lol its alright by ayce standards. but by real sushi im sure it doesn’t compare.

    Chinese owned after all.

    Posted by Anthony | October 2, 2011, 5:56 pm

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