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Omi Sushi is located on Carlton Street, just off Parliament, in the Cabbagetown area of downtown Toronto. The restaurant is fairly small, with modern decor and 80’s pop music playing. Please read our conversational review, below.

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7.0  /  10Nice environment but quite poor service. The rolls are a mixed bag.
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6.0  /  10It tries to be a high end sushi restaurant but ends up being a just a notch above the standard Toronto cheap sushi joints. There are better places to spend your money.

243 Carlton Street
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Review Date: August 19, 2011

Comment ArrowOmi Sushi in Toronto
Finding the place was a bit of a challenge. They just have one little sign that says Omi on it and it actually only can be seen if you are traveling east or west on Carlton. It was close to 6pm and we were the only 2 people seated until a few more people arrived not long after.

Comment ArrowOmi Sushi - modern interior
I thought it had a very unique and hip interior — pleasantly surprised — We’re not eating sushi on Yonge anymore! We took a seat and then the waiting began…

Comment ArrowYes the waiting…You’d think since it was a pretty hot day, they’d right away bring us a couple of glasses of water but no. Not even ask us if we wanted drinks first. We were just left there with the menus for about 10+ minutes to ourselves. So …. service not looking so sharp at the moment. Could this be a Hiro Part Deux?

Omi Sushi on Carlton - interior

Comment ArrowHehe… Sooo, she finally came around for our drink order. They have a couple Japanese beers in a can, in case anyone is wondering. Sapporo was ordered. Even that took a while to arrive. By this time only one other group was in the restaurant—a couple.

Comment Arrow… And we finally got the opportunity to order food. Browsing through the menu, it looks like they have more of a traditional menu without too many crazy rolls typical of the standard Toronto sushi joints. The prices also are a bit on the higher end. We went with Scallop Pizza ($8.95), Spicy Tuna Roll ($8.95), Avocado Unagi Roll ($8.95) and Omi Sushi ($19.95).

Comment ArrowMore traditional indeed… and that’s usually a good sign. The wait for food wasn’t that bad from what I recall. We were partially entertained by the chef blow torching up someone’s meal.

Scallop Pizza being torched

Turned out that was our Scallop Pizza! It came out first. This is when we realized realized we didn’t read the menu close enough. Instead of the ‘typical’ sushi pizza this was two small pieces or ‘coins’ as the menu put it (“Omi’s signature scallop sushi using blowtorch to perfectly sear scallops on panko crusted rice coins). Ah!… Anyway, I’d say save your $8.95 and skip it. Not worth the price in my books.

Scallop Pizza

Comment ArrowYeah too bad we didn’t capture the look on our faces when these two dinky little pieces were placed on our table. Personally, I think the “Pizza” needs to be removed from the title of the dish ASAP. I agree with you, not worth it at all. Readers, don’t bother with this one unless you feel like throwing ten bucks out the window. Next came the Spicy Tuna Rolls and the Avocado Unagi Rolls together on one plate. Unfortunately, the Spicy Tuna Rolls were bland and not a bit spicy. The Avocado Unagi Rolls on the other hand were pretty good. I guess 1 out of 2 ain’t bad.

Spicy Tuna Rolls and Avocado Unagi Rolls

Comment ArrowFully agree on the Spicy Tuna Rolls — not up to par of most other sushi places. Skip that one. The Avocado Unagi *are* a good pick, however. I would easily order that roll again. Last was the ‘Omi Sushi’: a mixed plate of nigiri and rolls – or, as the menu states “Selection of ‘today’s catch’ sushi”. It was decent.

Omi Sushi - nigiri and rolls

Comment ArrowThe sushi on the platter was better than your average Toronto sushi place but nothing spectacular. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t more variety of sushi but instead, they threw in what looked like some spicy salmon rolls. Funny but in this case, there was actually some ‘spicy’ to them and they tasted better than the spicy tuna rolls we had earlier. Go figure.

Comment ArrowHeh – so true. I believe that wraps it up. I thought the eating environment of Omi Sushi was a really nice change from the standard sushi places. It’s quite a nice restaurant to sit in – and works well for the Cabbagetown crowd. Too bad the service was quite shoddy. Seven out of ten.

The Bill - Omi Sushi

Comment ArrowThe food was overrated and the service didn’t help it’s cause. The quality of fish was above average but I don’t think it’s worth the effort. 6/10

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