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Oishi Kada

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Oishi Kada is a small sushi restaurant located at the north end of Kensington Market — a block from College and Spadina. Our conversational review is below – with a special guest reviewer, no less!

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6.5  /  10The food and service were good – decor and ambiance need work.
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7.5  /  10If you’re enjoying Kensington Market and are craving sushi, hit up Oishi Kada — I wouldn’t travel from afar, however – there’s better in the city

280 Augusta Ave
Mon-Fri 11:30am – 10pm
Sat/Sun/Hol 5pm-10pm
Review Date: August 13, 2012

Comment ArrowSoooo, my sushi eating friend here has a co-worker that recommended Oishi Kada in Kensington Market. We set a date and headed out, arriving around 6pm on a Monday night. Upon arriving, we were greeted right away.

Oishi Kada - Toronto

Comment ArrowWe were the only customers at the restaurant so we were seated right away. The place looked clean and tidy but the decor was a bit of a mishmash. The waiter brought us tea and asked if we wanted something else to drink.

inside Oishi Kada in Toronto

Comment Arrow… And that’s when I found out there is no beer at this sushi establishment. Ice tea it is!

After perusing the menu, we decided on the Salmon with Avocado Roll, Spicy Tuna with Avocado Roll, Unagi Roll and the Dynamic Roll (sprimp tempura, smelt roe, avocado, chef’s spicy sauce).

Comment ArrowAs the waiter walked away with our order we realized that he was also the chef – a one man operation. It wasn’t long until we had a good looking platter of rolls in front of us. The rolls looked appetizing and fresh.

sushi plate at Oishi Kada in Kensington Market - Toronto

Comment ArrowIndeed… This guy did it all! I guess that explains the little headset ear piece he was rocking. Wondering what would have happened had the place been packed.

Both of the Spicy rolls had the same spicy sauce (understandable) but I didn’t find them overly spicy. The Unagi was quite nice. All three of these rolls seemed to melt in your mouth quite easily. The Dynamic roll was decent as well.

Comment ArrowThat’s a really good word to describe the rolls – decent! They were fresh, flavourful and enjoyable, especially the Unagi – it did melt in your mouth. The Dynamic and the Spicy rolls were good too.

Comment Arrow… annnnnnnnnnd that was it. Our dishes were cleared and we asked for the bill. And waited… and waited… Finally a little stare down got him to bring us the bill. Language barrier? Possibly.

Comment ArrowOverall the food was good. Service was good (except for having to wait a long time for the bill). Decor and ambiance need work. 6.5/10

Comment ArrowTrue, you don’t get that nice dining experience of, say, a District or a Yuzu but it’s fairly typical for most little sushi places. The sushi was decent — If I had the hankering for sushi and I was in the hood, I’d go back to Oishi Kada. Would I make a special trip? No. I give Oishi Kada in Kensington a 7.5/10.

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  1. So sorry to report that although this was one of my favorite places to nosh sushi, they have closed!

    Posted by Alex Alder | September 11, 2014, 1:56 pm

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