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Sushi Toronto is the result of two of the sportaholik.com founders meeting every two weeks for casual business meetings. Ever since sushi was suggested for the first such meeting, it has became almost tradition. That fact meshed with a decent domain name that one of the founders owned, and you have what is today Sushi Toronto, a ‘not average’ review of Toronto sushi restaurants.The ‘conversation style’ reviews display the banter between a veteran sushi eater, and a rookie sushi eater who has surprisingly become hooked. Many times the majority of the review will having nothing to do with the sushi itself, but the environment, service, and odd anecdotes. Most of of the reviews will be from sushi restaurants¬† in the downtown Toronto area, namely around Yonge & Bloor, as that’s home turf for the sportaholik.com team. We hope you enjoy reading these sushi reviews as much as we enjoyed eating for them! Oh, if you don’t want to actually leave the house/condo/office/(car?), but are still craving sushi, you can get Toronto sushi delivery. Follow the step-by-step instructions for easy online ordering!