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Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant

Ichiriki at Bloor and Church is more than just a sushi place, so it’s a bit different than most of the sushi places we review. One thing to note about Ichiriki is that they are closed Tuesday nights. This, however, was a Wednesday night.

Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant

Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant is located on Bloor Street East, just west of Church street. It’s in the main floor of an office building. It looks decent – from the outside. You see, they close early (6pm) on Tuesdays. Thus, no review. We’ll have to go another night of the week. File this under Worst (Non)Review […]

Asahi Sushi Zone

Asahi Sushi Zone is located on Church Street just south of Bloor, nestled between a supposed sports bar that caters to karaoke singers and an Indian restaurant. It’s basically a house transformed into a restaurant making for tight quarters, but a nice spot none the less.