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All your reviews are around the Yonge and Bloor area. Are you planning on going to other areas of Toronto?

Of course! There’s so many sushi restaurants in Toronto, we’ve decided to target area by area. It may take a while but we do plan on hitting many areas and sushi restaurants across Toronto.

What experience do you have to review or critique sushi?

Really none. We’re just a couple of guys who enjoy sushi and have something to say about it. Feel free to tell us what you think about us and our reviews.

What does it take to get a 0/10?

It’s hard to say. We truely hope we never have to give such a rating or if even one of these restaurants exist in Toronto but I would imagine that getting violently ill or perhaps being carted out in a stretcher would constitute a 0/10 rating.

What does it take to get a 10/10?

On the flip side, a perfect rating would also be hard to come by. Not only would the food have to be amazing but so would the whole experience. We will probably never see a 10/10 although this might be pretty close: