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Ikki Sushi

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Ikki Sushi is located on Kingston Road, between Danforth Avenue and Midland Avenue, in car-country Scarborough Please read our conversational review, below.

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7.0  /  10Sure the place and area look a bit sketchy but the food is anything but. What you’ll find is a decent neighbourhood sushi joint.
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7.5  /  10Don’t get spooked by scary parking lot — the food is decent and they’ll treat you well!

2328 Kingston Road
Review Date: April 23, 2013

Comment ArrowHere’s something different: The Sushi Toronto duo decided to have sushi out in Scarborough. The first thought was Zen Japanese Restaurant but apparently you require a reservation there on a busy Tuesday night! So, off to Ikki Sushi near Kingston Road and Midland. Upon pulling up, the outside of the restaurant and parking lot looked pretty sketch, but things improved once we peeked inside.

Ikki Sushi in Scarborough

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Ikki Sushi - Kingston Road, Scarborough

Ha the Zen restaurant intrigues me even more now so I guess we have a place to go next time… and we’ll make a reservation for sure! As for Ikki, I drive by this place all the time and it does give off a sketchy vibe. A fresh coat of paint could do wonders in my opinion. It’s small and cozy inside and a lot more welcoming. There were a a few people already but wasn’t too busy and was easy to find a booth to sit in.

Inside Ikki Sushi

Comment ArrowOh, back to the outside real quick. There’s a sign that says “John Anderson Customers Only. Unauthorized parked vehicles will be tagged and/or towed away at owners’ expense.” Soooooo, I guess if you use the parking lot, you could be ‘tagged and/or towed”.

Ikki Sushi parking lot

Ok, so back inside: We were greeted right away and then chose a seat. Menus were in front of us in no time. They were the typical colourful, laminated menus that a lot of sushi places employ.

Sushi menu at Ikki

Comment ArrowYeah the menus were a little beat up but had lots of pictures. It’s a pretty typical Toronto Sushi type menu with the usual stuff like sushi pizza (tuna, salmon or eel!) along with some aptly named specialty rolls like their own Ikki, Kingston and the Midland Rolls. If you’ve read any of our reviews before you already know that we’ll be getting the Ikki Rolls. We don’t even have to even find out what’s in it.

Menu for Ikki Sushi

Comment ArrowIndeed, We DID order the Ikki roll (baked crab, avocado, fish egg, green onion, eel, shrimp and spicy mayo) along with the Kingston roll (eel, avocado, grilled salmon, cucumber, and fish egg), Spicy Tuna roll, and the Salmon Sushi Pizza. We had them in front of us in no time.

Comment ArrowYeah it was nice as they all came out one after the other. There weren’t too many people dining in but I did notice a steady stream of people coming in for take out orders throughout the time we were there. The rolls were pretty good. The spicy tuna rolls were done a bit differently as they weren’t too spicy but there were bigger chunks of tuna than I’ve seen before.

Spicy Tuna Roll

Comment ArrowYes, agreed, not ‘too’ spicy. I could have probably had a bit more kick, but I enjoyed them. The Salmon Sushi pizza was ‘ok’, but I may be souring on sushi pizzas overall now. Not sure. The presentation was nice, however.

Salmon Sushi Pizza

Comment ArrowInteresting… so you aren’t feeling the sushi pizza anymore? Guess you are getting more “authentic” now since I think sushi pizza is some kind of Toronto invention. Anyways, I thought all the rolls were pretty decent. The
Ikki Roll maybe had a bit too much sauce on it but other than that I thought the Kingston rolls were pretty tasty. Would have liked to try some sushi or sashimi but today was a roll day. We’ll probably save that for our trip to Zen next time around.

Ikki Roll

Kingston Roll at Ikki Sushi

Comment ArrowI actually enjoyed all the rolls — which I wasn’t expecting when we pulled up in the parking lot!? The Ikki was the worst of the bunch for sure. It was ‘alright’. The rest I quite enjoyed. After we finished those off we capped the meal with one more order — the Spicy Scallop roll. I’d put that one on par w/ the other spicy roll we had – it was quite good.

Spicy Scallop Roll

Comment ArrowAgreed, all pretty decent, not much to complain about. A pretty good indicator that it’s the go to neighbourhood sushi joint is the fact that there were constant flow of people coming in for take out and pick up orders. I can see why as all the food is decent. Maybe nothing outstanding but for the price and the area, you get good service, quality food that’s results in a pretty good value for your money. 7/10


Comment ArrowYep, good point on the take-out traffic: 7.5/10

The bill!

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  1. […] nice; service was decent, but I found the dishes hit and miss. I’d actually head over to Ikki instead, if I was in the area — and could do so without a […]

    Posted by Zen Japanese Restaurant | Eglinton & Danforth » Sushi Toronto | August 16, 2013, 9:39 pm
  2. Just to let you know, Ikki Sushi has moved to the south side of Kingston Road into a nice clean building with a decent parking lot. The ambiance is much improved!

    Posted by Karin Eaton | December 12, 2018, 1:57 pm

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